Improving Pavement Safety with Paving Contractors

To avoid customer complaints and liabilities, property owners and managers of commercial establishments with parking lots should prioritize pavement safety. Aside from encouraging customers with well-maintained, accessible facilities, ensuring their safety also promotes good business. Paving contractors in Northern NJ can help in improving pavement safety through markings and maintenance.

Pavement Markings

Restriping involves repainting the pavement markings without changing the original layout to properly inform and warn parking lot or driveway users. Bright white and yellow lines, as well as standard symbols, are used to clearly indicate boundaries–such as walkways and allotted parking spaces—and traffic rules like driving lanes and directions to avoid collisions.

Line striping is also used to comply with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For instance, businesses with a parking lot should have a certain number of parking spaces with wide access aisles and clear signs indicating that the spaces are intended for persons with disabilities.

Pavement Maintenance

Routine pavement maintenance, usually every two to three years, are need to keep the smooth, solid quality of an asphalt-paved surface and maximum tire traction. If the pavement encounters heavier loads such as huge trucks or a fleet of vehicles (when you have plenty of employees or customers), reapplying sealcoating and filling cracks would be more frequent. These measures will prevent driving accidents or difficulties associated with rough roads.


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