When to Call in a Commercial Pavement Contractor

If you own a business establishment downtown, it’s imperative to provide enough space for parking. Not only can this provide your clients a safe haven for their vehicles, it will also create the impression that your business is reliable considering the sheer amount of space needed to accommodate many trusting clients. However, constant use can quickly wear down your parking lot, so you need to know when to call a commercial pavement contractor for repair and maintenance.

Water Formation

A lot of parking spaces are paved with asphalt. Those that were constructed by reputable pavement companies even have a type of seal to prevent wear and tear. However, even the most efficiently-laid out pavements won’t last long if always immersed in water. Depressed regions can collect water that will soon weaken the sealant and asphalt, which is why your parking space needs a well-designed drainage system.

Network of Cracks

If there’s one thing a small crack on asphalt can do, it’s to grow bigger and create a network. Not only a huge network of cracks looks unpleasant, it can also damage the tires of the parking vehicles. This is obviously a sign that your parking space needs some professional updating.

Weakened Curbs

Parking spaces have curbs to make predetermined stops for cars. If you see cracks forming in the curbs, it means they have received more pressure than they are designed to take. To prevent them from causing damage to the vehicle, they have to be replaced. 


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