Parking Lot Sweeping and Pavement Maintenance

The parking area may be outside the main shop, but it still remains to be one of the more important features of any commercial property. If neglected, it will not only mean a diminished curb appeal, but also potential hazards, which can cause costly liabilities to your business.

To help prevent these concerns, professional parking lot sweeping and pavement maintenance should be sought. Hiring paving contractors to perform those tasks will:

Help limit wear and tear

The sand, dirt, and other substances carried by wheels and foot traffic affect the integrity of the pavement. When the debris are removed or reduced, the pavement’s life can be effectively extended. Sealcoating every 2-3 years may also be needed to keep the asphalt intact.

Be able to inspect decay

By removing the accumulated debris, the expert can verify the extent of decay (or confirm the lack thereof). Through a comprehensive and accurate assessment, your contractor can provide professional recommendations and realistic estimates.

Avoid drainage problems

Piled up and scattered debris can end up clogging your drain and cause floods. Sweeping the entire pavement surface helps in keeping the drain free from clogs. Uneven surfaces and damaged catch basins may also be counterproductive, but full-service paving companies can perform repairs.

Keep the pavement aesthetics

Of course, having an unkempt lot can tarnish your image as a competent, responsible business. With clean, even, and organized surfaces, and regular refurbishing (with sealcoating and line striping), you can attract more customers or investors into your property.


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