A Close Look at Seal Coats for Asphalt Surfaces

In the art world, a seal coat is an important element applied by the artists to their paintings before hanging these on their walls or turning them over to art gallery owners for display. A seal coat basically protects the artworks and maintains its texture and color. The old paintings you see in museums are likely preserved with a seal coat.

In parking lot maintenance, a seal coat serves the same purpose as well. Applying a seal coat to the surfaces mean adding a layer of protection, thereby increasing the parking lot’s strength and resistance to elements like harmful UV rays, heavy rainfall, and oil or gas spills.

Seal coat for asphalt surfaces typically come in two forms, namely coal-tar emulsion-based products and asphalt emulsion-based products. Coal tar sealers contain refined coal tar with a mixture of several chemicals. This combination of ingredients is similar to the ones often used in flat roofs to offer protection from the elements.

Meanwhile, asphalt emulsion sealers are asphalt-based which consists of a soap-like emulsifying agents. Most of the time, special chemicals and pigments are added to this type of sealer for optimum strength and durability. One thing to keep in mind about asphalt emulsion sealants is that they should be applied to surfaces within temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, making the months of May through September ideal months for seal coating asphalt parking lots.


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