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Is Asphalt Pavement a Good Option?

The first step in planning a parking space construction project is to choose between concrete and asphalt. While concrete exceeds asphalt’s compressive strength, the latter exhibits a number of qualities that are more appropriate for parking pavement use than that of concrete. For instance, due to asphalt’s elasticity, it can take on moving loads without easily cracking.


Asphalt and its installation is known to be less costly than concrete. The average cost of asphalt pavement installation ranges from $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot, while a concrete pavement installation may cost $15 per square foot. Looking at these estimates, one can easily tell which option is more economical.


The smoothness of asphalt, which is not easily achieved with concrete, provides vehicles with better resistance to skidding. In effect, vehicle tires receive very little friction. When it comes to providing visual distinction between road markings, asphalt clearly wins because of its darker color that creates a more pronounced contrast with painted markings.

Quick Installation and Use

While concrete pavements require several days or weeks to cure, asphalt pavements only take a few hours to be ready for use. This makes asphalt a more efficient option, especially for businesses that cannot afford long service interruptions. Regular maintenance of asphalt pavement likewise won’t disrupt business operations to a significant degree.


Major Distress Signs on Asphalt Pavement

A good way to improve your retail establishment’s bottom line is to maintain a nicely paved and even-surfaced asphalt parking space. This feature creates a great first impression and boosts curb appeal. It is, therefore, sensible to invest in regular expert asphalt pavement maintenance.

While you can count on pavement maintenance experts to address asphalt defects on your driveway and parking area, it helps to have an idea of what might cause distress on asphalt surfaces. Fatigue cracking, depression, and pot holesarethe major types of asphalt distress that call for professional pavement services.

Fatigue cracking is mainly due to heavy loading. Be it a moving load such as a car or a dead load such as a dumpster, a load can cause the asphalt to gradually crack. Although this is bound to happen due to asphalt’s limited compressive strength, a pavement company can prolong its integrity by applying blacktop seal.

Depression and pot hole are caused by factors related to construction and mixture. If the asphalt is not properly mixed, certain portions of the pavement are bound to weaken and form depressions. On the other hand, if the mixture is low on asphalt binder, the aggregates are likely to easily disintegrate and cause pot holes to form on various portions of the pavement.