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Sealers Used for Sealcoating Asphalt Driveways

During winter, sealing in windows helps ensure that heat doesn’t escape. This method, however, requires a proper sealant to work. For instance, silicone caulk works well for glass and metal surfaces, yet does not adhere to wood surfaces. The same principle applies when sealcoating asphalt driveways, for which only certain types are recommended.

Coal Tar Sealers

These sealers consist of refined coal tar mixed in with several chemicals. The latter help make the surface resistant to the harmful effects of heat, snow, and rainwater. Aesthetically speaking, these sealers score high as they create surfaces with shiny or glossy finishes.

Asphalt Emulsion Sealers

There is no question that this type of sealer complements asphalt driveways rather well because they basically have the same composition. However, for this type of sealer to work, application must take place on days when temperatures are at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Acrylic Sealers

,  are considered ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Acrylic holds up well to any element that can harm any surface, making acrylic-based sealers a smart choice for protecting asphalt driveways. In addition, these sealers come in a variety of colors that make for an attractive finish, from earth hues like terra cotta to light green.


Improving Your Warehouse Façade

Warehouses and storage facilities can benefit from having attractive and well-designed exteriors. These commercial facilities can turn off clients if their landscape and overall façade look dilapidated. Creating a put-together curb appeal, therefore, is a wise investment.

Landscaping is a significant (though not the sole) component of any property’s curb appeal. Most warehouses are designed with utilitarian landscape features with minimal plantings to comply with local municipal mandates and to be cohesive with neighboring buildings. However, certain landscape elements can be integrated to cover up unsightly structural flaws. For instance, you can opt for well-pruned shrubs and vibrant plantings that require minimal care.

Aside from greeneries, the pavements and walkways outside the building should be kept in good condition at all times. If you wish to allot parking space for visitors, see to it that the pavement is clearly demarcated and free of debris, cracks, or potholes. Trust a reputable paving company to maintain your warehouse pavement and parking surfaces.

Of course, keeping the façade neat and clean should be a priority when it comes to maintenance. After all, visitors won’t be able to appreciate the landscape design and pavement integrity if weeds, trash, and other debris litter the facility’s exterior. Regular upkeep of your warehouse’s exterior is, thus, crucial. Likewise, signage and other printed advertisements should be updated before they appear badly worn.

Tips on Renovating a Shopping Center

When improving the façade and features of a shopping center, always keep the customers in mind. After all, you’re renovating to attract more of them and to keep them coming back. With inspiration from the trending attributes and designs of the foremost retail complexes globally, here are some tips on renovating a shopping center:

Smaller units

Divide your property into smaller units to have more diversified tenants. Electrical appliance and food retailers, hypermarkets, and other outlets or showrooms are particularly downsizing to save on lease costs and to make sales more efficient.

Seating areas

Install benches or place patio furniture outside the stores, so that customers can conveniently take rest stops as they shop. The seats can also improve the ambiance of the place by creating a laidback, customer-centric atmosphere.

Child center

Have a secured outdoor playground installed, or look for a child care business tenant. Aside from having family-friendly stores and food chains, most customers would like a place to safely drop off or entertain their kids.

Cool landscape

Improve your property’s curb appeal with vibrant landscaping. Additionally, you can revamp your shopping center’s signage with attention-grabbing marquees or other creative displays.

Common parking improvements

Redesign the parking lot with a layout that organizes the area and utilizes space to its maximum capacity. Your property can stand out more with well-maintained car park, several available slots, handicap accessible parking spaces, and even designations for motorbikes and bike stands.

When to Call in a Commercial Pavement Contractor

If you own a business establishment downtown, it’s imperative to provide enough space for parking. Not only can this provide your clients a safe haven for their vehicles, it will also create the impression that your business is reliable considering the sheer amount of space needed to accommodate many trusting clients. However, constant use can quickly wear down your parking lot, so you need to know when to call a commercial pavement contractor for repair and maintenance.

Water Formation

A lot of parking spaces are paved with asphalt. Those that were constructed by reputable pavement companies even have a type of seal to prevent wear and tear. However, even the most efficiently-laid out pavements won’t last long if always immersed in water. Depressed regions can collect water that will soon weaken the sealant and asphalt, which is why your parking space needs a well-designed drainage system.

Network of Cracks

If there’s one thing a small crack on asphalt can do, it’s to grow bigger and create a network. Not only a huge network of cracks looks unpleasant, it can also damage the tires of the parking vehicles. This is obviously a sign that your parking space needs some professional updating.

Weakened Curbs

Parking spaces have curbs to make predetermined stops for cars. If you see cracks forming in the curbs, it means they have received more pressure than they are designed to take. To prevent them from causing damage to the vehicle, they have to be replaced. 

Today’s Roads are Going Green with Recycled Asphalt

There’s no denying that most of America’s roadworks and highways today consist of some form of asphalt concrete, and will continue to do so for many more years. However, recent construction innovations now make it possible for non-biodegradable asphalt to be recycled. Upon calculating the country’s roadworks expenses for 2011, the government saved approximately $2 billion of taxpayer money by incorporating reclaimed asphalt into those projects. 

Specifically, about a million tons of reclaimed asphalt shingles (RAS) and 66 million tons of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) from old roads and torn-down roofs were used in 2011’s road construction season. Working with RAS and RAP require less energy, and the two materials are also good sources of liquid asphalt by themselves. Additionally, RAS and RAP don’t require asphalt binders, thus saving the government about 21 million barrels of the substance. 

Recycled asphalt may soon be used for building parking lots and other pavements. By incorporating so-called “warm-mix” technologies during construction work, harmful emissions like carbon monoxide can also be reduced. This trend of using recycled materials is expected to continue in 2013, now that plastic composites and other reclaimed materials (i.e. concrete) are now enjoying widespread use in major cities like New York and Pittsburgh.

Avoid Legal Woes with Pothole Patching for Parking Lots

If you manage a building with its own parking lot, proper maintenance is extremely crucial because in time, the parking lot’s surface will develop potholes. Potholes form as small cracks on road surfaces that are usually caused by exposure to heat as well as heavy vehicular traffic. Rainwater that seeps through the cracks freezes during cold weather then expands, causing bigger holes to appear on the pavement. These unattractive potholes can affect the image of your establishment and pose safety hazards. 

Potholes not only affect your property’s curb appeal but can also land you in hot water. While most motorists just drive past potholes, pedestrians can slip and fall and thus find sufficient grounds to file personal injury cases against you. You may end up paying hefty settlement fees for medical treatment as well as damages for emotional distress. Aside from the the actual settlement, you’ll have to pay lawyer’s the fees as well. 

To avoid costly litigation, be sure to regularly inspect your parking lot’s pavement for any signs of damage. You might want to get in touch with companies that specialize in parking lot maintenance, particularly pothole patching. Through proper parking lot maintenance, you can run your business in peace and avoid lawsuits.

Finding a Place to Park Can be Like Finding Heaven on Earth

Anyone who lives and/or works in a densely populated city can cite a number of things that tick them off on a daily basis. Heavy traffic is one such source of annoyance, as well as having to share the road with some discourteous motorists. However, what can really frustrate city dwellers who happen to be motorists is the lack of parking space. 

Sometimes, it may be tempting to just take public transportation than use your own car and waste time and gas trying to find somewhere you can park. If you do find an available parking slot, you’ll have to act fast and reach it right away or else lose the space to another motorist. This can sometimes lead to an accident or a verbal tussle. 

In addition, some parking lots may be filled with large potholes or badly cracked asphalt surfaces. While you may have found a suitable parking space, you may have to endure a short but nonetheless bumpy ride. When you have no other alternative, such a situation can be quite irritating. 

Luckily, parking lot maintenance has become a lot easier and more convenient thanks to companies that provide asphalt paving services. With their help, motorists don’t have to put up with poor-quality road work and be able to use pothole-free parking spaces.