Sealers Used for Sealcoating Asphalt Driveways

During winter, sealing in windows helps ensure that heat doesn’t escape. This method, however, requires a proper sealant to work. For instance, silicone caulk works well for glass and metal surfaces, yet does not adhere to wood surfaces. The same principle applies when sealcoating asphalt driveways, for which only certain types are recommended.

Coal Tar Sealers

These sealers consist of refined coal tar mixed in with several chemicals. The latter help make the surface resistant to the harmful effects of heat, snow, and rainwater. Aesthetically speaking, these sealers score high as they create surfaces with shiny or glossy finishes.

Asphalt Emulsion Sealers

There is no question that this type of sealer complements asphalt driveways rather well because they basically have the same composition. However, for this type of sealer to work, application must take place on days when temperatures are at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Acrylic Sealers

,  are considered ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Acrylic holds up well to any element that can harm any surface, making acrylic-based sealers a smart choice for protecting asphalt driveways. In addition, these sealers come in a variety of colors that make for an attractive finish, from earth hues like terra cotta to light green.


Is Asphalt Pavement a Good Option?

The first step in planning a parking space construction project is to choose between concrete and asphalt. While concrete exceeds asphalt’s compressive strength, the latter exhibits a number of qualities that are more appropriate for parking pavement use than that of concrete. For instance, due to asphalt’s elasticity, it can take on moving loads without easily cracking.


Asphalt and its installation is known to be less costly than concrete. The average cost of asphalt pavement installation ranges from $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot, while a concrete pavement installation may cost $15 per square foot. Looking at these estimates, one can easily tell which option is more economical.


The smoothness of asphalt, which is not easily achieved with concrete, provides vehicles with better resistance to skidding. In effect, vehicle tires receive very little friction. When it comes to providing visual distinction between road markings, asphalt clearly wins because of its darker color that creates a more pronounced contrast with painted markings.

Quick Installation and Use

While concrete pavements require several days or weeks to cure, asphalt pavements only take a few hours to be ready for use. This makes asphalt a more efficient option, especially for businesses that cannot afford long service interruptions. Regular maintenance of asphalt pavement likewise won’t disrupt business operations to a significant degree.

Major Distress Signs on Asphalt Pavement

A good way to improve your retail establishment’s bottom line is to maintain a nicely paved and even-surfaced asphalt parking space. This feature creates a great first impression and boosts curb appeal. It is, therefore, sensible to invest in regular expert asphalt pavement maintenance.

While you can count on pavement maintenance experts to address asphalt defects on your driveway and parking area, it helps to have an idea of what might cause distress on asphalt surfaces. Fatigue cracking, depression, and pot holesarethe major types of asphalt distress that call for professional pavement services.

Fatigue cracking is mainly due to heavy loading. Be it a moving load such as a car or a dead load such as a dumpster, a load can cause the asphalt to gradually crack. Although this is bound to happen due to asphalt’s limited compressive strength, a pavement company can prolong its integrity by applying blacktop seal.

Depression and pot hole are caused by factors related to construction and mixture. If the asphalt is not properly mixed, certain portions of the pavement are bound to weaken and form depressions. On the other hand, if the mixture is low on asphalt binder, the aggregates are likely to easily disintegrate and cause pot holes to form on various portions of the pavement.

Improving Your Warehouse Façade

Warehouses and storage facilities can benefit from having attractive and well-designed exteriors. These commercial facilities can turn off clients if their landscape and overall façade look dilapidated. Creating a put-together curb appeal, therefore, is a wise investment.

Landscaping is a significant (though not the sole) component of any property’s curb appeal. Most warehouses are designed with utilitarian landscape features with minimal plantings to comply with local municipal mandates and to be cohesive with neighboring buildings. However, certain landscape elements can be integrated to cover up unsightly structural flaws. For instance, you can opt for well-pruned shrubs and vibrant plantings that require minimal care.

Aside from greeneries, the pavements and walkways outside the building should be kept in good condition at all times. If you wish to allot parking space for visitors, see to it that the pavement is clearly demarcated and free of debris, cracks, or potholes. Trust a reputable paving company to maintain your warehouse pavement and parking surfaces.

Of course, keeping the façade neat and clean should be a priority when it comes to maintenance. After all, visitors won’t be able to appreciate the landscape design and pavement integrity if weeds, trash, and other debris litter the facility’s exterior. Regular upkeep of your warehouse’s exterior is, thus, crucial. Likewise, signage and other printed advertisements should be updated before they appear badly worn.

A Close Look at Seal Coats for Asphalt Surfaces

In the art world, a seal coat is an important element applied by the artists to their paintings before hanging these on their walls or turning them over to art gallery owners for display. A seal coat basically protects the artworks and maintains its texture and color. The old paintings you see in museums are likely preserved with a seal coat.

In parking lot maintenance, a seal coat serves the same purpose as well. Applying a seal coat to the surfaces mean adding a layer of protection, thereby increasing the parking lot’s strength and resistance to elements like harmful UV rays, heavy rainfall, and oil or gas spills.

Seal coat for asphalt surfaces typically come in two forms, namely coal-tar emulsion-based products and asphalt emulsion-based products. Coal tar sealers contain refined coal tar with a mixture of several chemicals. This combination of ingredients is similar to the ones often used in flat roofs to offer protection from the elements.

Meanwhile, asphalt emulsion sealers are asphalt-based which consists of a soap-like emulsifying agents. Most of the time, special chemicals and pigments are added to this type of sealer for optimum strength and durability. One thing to keep in mind about asphalt emulsion sealants is that they should be applied to surfaces within temperatures of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, making the months of May through September ideal months for seal coating asphalt parking lots.

Advantages of Asphalt Paving

Every property owner has the duty to ensure its premises are safe, especially high-traffic areas like driveways, parking lots, and pathways. To make sure that these areas are not inviting situations that are lawsuits-in-the-making, any unevenness or roughness on the ground surface should be fixed with asphalt paving.

Here are but some of the many benefits asphalt paving can provide.

Quick Installation

Asphalt pavements can be installed within one or two days. Thus, they are ideal for those who need a quick solution to repairing rugged or bumpy parking lots within their properties. For optimum results, though, it’s best for property owners to rely on experienced paving contractors to do the job.


The bonding agent in asphalt pavements is bitumen, an oil-based material that’s known for its weather-resistant and waterproofing qualities. With this substance, asphalt pavements become strong enough to take on even the harshest weather with nary any damage. A trailer truck can pass over asphalt paving, and it will still remain intact.

Low maintenance

Property owners who may not have enough staff members on their roster to do maintenance work will be happy to know that asphalt pavements require minimal effort. The simple application of a healthy dose of sealer will help protect the asphalt from harmful sunrays and keep it in tiptop shape.

Parking Lot Sweeping and Pavement Maintenance

The parking area may be outside the main shop, but it still remains to be one of the more important features of any commercial property. If neglected, it will not only mean a diminished curb appeal, but also potential hazards, which can cause costly liabilities to your business.

To help prevent these concerns, professional parking lot sweeping and pavement maintenance should be sought. Hiring paving contractors to perform those tasks will:

Help limit wear and tear

The sand, dirt, and other substances carried by wheels and foot traffic affect the integrity of the pavement. When the debris are removed or reduced, the pavement’s life can be effectively extended. Sealcoating every 2-3 years may also be needed to keep the asphalt intact.

Be able to inspect decay

By removing the accumulated debris, the expert can verify the extent of decay (or confirm the lack thereof). Through a comprehensive and accurate assessment, your contractor can provide professional recommendations and realistic estimates.

Avoid drainage problems

Piled up and scattered debris can end up clogging your drain and cause floods. Sweeping the entire pavement surface helps in keeping the drain free from clogs. Uneven surfaces and damaged catch basins may also be counterproductive, but full-service paving companies can perform repairs.

Keep the pavement aesthetics

Of course, having an unkempt lot can tarnish your image as a competent, responsible business. With clean, even, and organized surfaces, and regular refurbishing (with sealcoating and line striping), you can attract more customers or investors into your property.